Portraits: Best of 2010 – Wisconsin Portrait Photographer

Everyone is doing it – making resolutions, posting their ‘Best of 2010′ contests and giving away cool stuff. Well, I’m jumping on the bandwagon and following the herd. Maybe it’s not very original, but I wanted to celebrate my first year in business, reaching 500 fans on Facebook and do something extra special for my clients and their family/friends. Why not have a little contest on the blog and look back on 2010?

I selected my FAVORITE image from each portrait session this year. If I photographed your family more than once, I selected my favorite image from the multiple sessions. (I’ll cover weddings and engagement pics in another post). I photographed everything from newborns to seniors to extended families this past year and I loved it all. Each session was different, fun and challenged me in a different way. Sometimes the challenge was the location, the wildlife (mosquitoes!), the weather (driving rain, chilly temps) and sometimes the challenge was a little one who refused to smile no matterĀ  what we (the parents and I) did. Whatever the challenge, I learned from it and applied it to everything I do in my business. For those of you who trusted me to capture your special moments in 2010, I thank you for investing in me and now it’s my turn to give something back!

It’s pretty simple folks…..I’ll award ‘prizes’ to the top 2 vote getters. Simply leave your comment on the blog along with the number of your favorite photo. The contest begins tonight and ends on Sunday January 9th at 8pm CST. Here’s what you win:

First Place: A Complimentary BIG Digital Package ($400 value!) – a 2-3 hour portrait session on-location with approximately 30 High-Res Image Files

Second Place: A 16 X 20 Gallery Wrap of an image from your session.

As an added bonus, I’ll randomly select 1 (one) individual who comments and votes to receive an AVERAGE Digital Package ($200 value)! So if you want to be a random winner, be sure and stay tuned!

You MUST leave a comment on the blog with the photo number in order for your vote to count. ‘Liking’ this post on Facebook or on the blog won’t work. Now, time for Voting!

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You may only vote ONCE for the week! If I see multiple comments from the same person for the same photo, I will only count one vote at the end of the week. Just trying to keep the playing field level:)

1. Ali – My first senior portrait session. I simply love that wall and the light hitting her.

2. The S Family- great light and great love. Need I say more?3. Austin – Little guy in a Big World4. Brendan – I just about cried when I got the birth announcement in the mail with this photo. Too precious!5. Cora – Perfect freckles and glasses6. The C Family – Love the Happiness7. Colton – One of my all-time favorite newborn shots. For being 16 days old, this little guy let me do whatever I wanted!:)8. Carmen – She is just the cutest!

9. Owen – Happy 6 month B-day Owen!

10. Elladie – At 5 months Elladie wasn’t quite sitting up yet….I call this the tutu tip-over:)11. Sophia – Love how she’s just entranced by the Merry-Go-Round!

12. Erin – Making a goofy face:)13. Gavin – Love the nostalgia of this trunk. It belonged to Gavin’s Uncle at Pearl Harbor. Cool!14. Angelo – He’s gonna break some hearts someday.15. Grace – Those blue eyes, they get me every time!16. Grayson – Who doesn’t love a naked baby?17. Hailey – Though I had MANY cute shots of Hailey, this one gets me every time. Precious!18. The H FAmily – What kid doesn’t like swinging?!19. Meredith – Glad I had those Angel Wings with me. She LOVED them:)20. The H Family – I also had many good ones from this session, but who resist the shark attack on Daddy?21. Inna – I haven’t even blogged this session yet, but the lovely Inna teaches Yoga in Madison. You should go sometime!22. Ava – Fun at the Elegant Farmer with Cookies. Yum!23. James – What a cute little guy. Love the light.24. Franny, Ian and Jeni: These are some pretty cool people. Seriously.25. Jennifer – Yeah, it’s a weird crop, but I like it.26. Joey – Just love his expression.27. Kaitlyn – Who doesn’t love Snowmen and little kids? Too cute!28. The K Family – they play hard, they love big and they got the BEST Fall color of any of my sessions this year.29. Landon – Cute hat kid.30. Lily – I can’t resist a newborn in a tutu. Precious.31. Lincoln – Umm yeah, could this kid be any cuter?!32. Logan – Doing what teenagers do – texting – in the middle of the session. Love it!33. Lua – Pure and simple.34. Luke – I love how little he looks and how big the world looks.35. Mariah – Pondering her future36. The M Family – I could not have posed this if I tried…..love the natural, candid ‘in-between’ shots.37. Hannah – I’m sitting on this little bench with my monkey, what do you want me to do?38. The M Family – I won Maddie over….she was offering me her cupcake:)39. Tracy & Josh – I just love the colors and the light in this one.40. The O Family – Love that the little one is taking off and everyone is laughing about it. Great Moment!41. Ed & Rachel – Great light and some pretty super people.42. The P Family – This might be one of my favorite family ‘kid’ shots ever.43. Betty – Need I say more?44. The R Family – Love the randomness and how dang fun these 3 kiddos were.45. The S Family – Another great non-posed moment with a super fun family!46. Shaun & Paula – Amazing light and an amazing love. More of my favorite people:)47. The L Family – Great Light, Gorgeous Family

48. Carson – I just love this one.49. The T Family – The twins just CRACK me up in this shot. Both are shouting/talking with their little mohawks.50. The T Family – Breckyn and Mason were TONS of fun.51. Toni – I accidentally cropped this photo and got this. My jaw dropped. Gorgeous!52a. I couldn’t decide on a favorite from this session, so there are two….Enzo and perfect light – can’t get better than this!52b. Paul and Trish – Love the composition, the color, the trees and most importantly, the LOVE:)53. Tyce – Curls, a Necktie and Drums = CUTE!54. Marisa and Adam – The personalities of these two just oozes out of this picture55. Olivia – Cutie pie, beautiful Bender park by the lake – gorgeous!56. Amelia – I just love this one. Her expression is just beautiful.57. Caden – Who wouldn’t fall in love with that laugh?58. Owen – So Precious!59. Abbey – Children really do have the most fun!

60. Levi – Those cute little dimples, those eyes and his amazing outfit – perfect!

Amanda Reseburg - Well, you know I gotta go with #43.
Because it’s my Peanut!

Laura Peitz - I am voting for number 28– I LOVE the fall colors!! It reminds me of growing up in Wisconsin and all the wonderful fall days, I can almost feel the weather from looking at the picture. And I am a sucker for the Mama and little boy pics, since I am sooo in love with my little man:) GREAT PIC!!

Tess Thornton - Without a doubt number 28!! I absolutely adore the love you can feel coming from this photo. Not to mention to PERFECT fall colors. Awesome work!

(11 and 12 were high up on my list also)

Jamie - #17! Hailey!! :)

Shannon Struckmeyer - Naturally, I have to go with #60. You saved the best for last! ;)

Jim Reseburg - I vote for number 43. Betty

Megan Kennedy - I have to go with #28!!!

Jan Reseburg - Betty’s the best! Number 43.

Andrea Knapp - #54, pictures like that are truly priceless. I’m sure it brings a smile to the face of whoever is looking at it.

Bob Hesselbein - I like #28!

Amanda Dyer - #11, ’cause that’s our little Sophia! She LOVES merry go rounds! :)

Bob Langdon - #28!!! Love the Bear HUG!!!

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Tami E - I’m going to say #30, so cute

Sara Skarda - Of course I have to vote for my little guy, #34, but seriously all of these are great!

Amy Giampetroni - Well, naturally I’m voting for #14 because it’s my handsome little man Ang! :)

I also love pictures #30 and #10 (I’m dying over her little hand and foot!), because you know when our baby girl joins us in May, I am going to be ALL over photos like those, of her in a tutu!!

Many thanks for the fabulous photos, Andrea, and Happy New Year to you and Joe!!


Staci - My vote is for #6!

Corinne Vanden Heuvel - #53…Go Tyce! Love that your just like Daddy! Thanks Andrea!

Kelsey - Obviously the cutest niece there ever was! Hailey #17!

BEAUTIFUL pics Andrea :)

Nancy Stoebig - Wow…this is hard….While I am generally partial to your baby pictures, I really like how you have captured the expressions in #52a, 56, and 59. If I have to pick one, it will be #59 — that cute little face with the scrunched up nose makes me smile.

Angie Edwards - #53 is the best!

Taryn - I vote for #11!

Andrea - Wow! Thanks everyone for voting! Keep it up, I love it! :)

Leah - My baby girl #30!!

Chris - Daddy’s little girl…. #30!

Stef - My heart lies with #31

Sarah Vosberg - #28 – Love me some K family! They are ALL awesome though!

Andrea – you do an awesome job! Megan can’t say enough good things about you! Please, please, please pick us for your bonus prize! (I’m not too proud to beg ;) LOL

Carrie - #30–favorite pic, just beautiful!

Linda Mussa - I have to vote for # 11. What a cute little girl anticipating an exciting ride!!!

Karen Tooley - WOW – seriously – how can you decide?!?! I’ll go w/ # 11 b/c I love the merry go round!!! But really – SOOOO many good ones. You have definitely found your calling!

Barb VanZeeland - I vote for #53 Tyce

Alissa - I like #28. How cute!

Aaron Dyer - I like Number 11 Sophia

Devon Litle - I love #6. That girl is a cutie. Her mom and dad are beautiful as well and the moment is so candid.

Heather Rufener - #53 Rockin out!

Michael Dyer - I’ll go with #11 – Sophia

Brooke - Got to go with #11. How great!!! Although, all of them are pretty spectacular!!!!!! Wish you lived closer!

Claudia - This was really hard. I loved the “kids being kids” factor in 42 and #29 made me giggle everytime I looked at it but in the end I’m voting for #52b….love the composition.

Vickie - We vote for #30 our beautiful grandbaby!

Reeba - Wow, Great Great pics! I had a hard time picking but I’m going with #11

Dan - Great Job on all of them #27

Jan Langdon - Love #28!! By far the best! You can just feel the love, and the fall colors are magnificent! Great work!

Ryan Vanden Heuvel - A natural. #53 Tyce

Susie Coffey - My vote is for #53 TYCE…Adorable 1 yr. old and super talented!

Barb Weed - Number 55 is my favorite.. could be because she is my granddaughter!

Alison - I have to vote for the adorable family in picture #6!

Dennis Coffey - I vote for #53 “The Little Drummer Boy”

Conni Fialkowski - #28 gets my vote – I love the fall colors.

Mary Jo - I heart # 1.

Cyndi Glidewell - I am voting for #55

Nicole - I vote for #6!

Samantha Cordio - #28 What a beautiful picture!! AND a fabulous family!!!

Amie Jorgensen - I vote for number 28!

Dina - My vote is for #30, Lily.

Megan Taylor - I vote number 28. Love the colors and the big hug! You can tell he is a Mama’s boy!

Denise Edlund - #28

You are a fabulous photographer!

Elizabeth - #31! Could that hat and tie be any cuter??

Wendy - Casting my vote for #11, Sophia. :)

Brynn - I would have to choose Sophia #11. Look at those curls:)

Kelly - #42 – Great picture of a great family.

Heidi Kopps - Number 28! Beautiful colors and I am a sucker for a great mother son photo!

Michele - #42 Awesome picture. Beautiful kids!!!!

Heidi - #55 my baby girl Olivia!

Beverley Tetrick - #42 What a picture for the family to treasure! All those little personalities in the same shot – beautiful!

I’m also in love with shot #29 – fantastic!

Laura Pearson - I vote for #42……….what beautiful children!

Angie Mattes - #6 for sure. You can see the happiness radiating off of them.

Pam - I have to go with #28. The colors are amazing!

Trish - #52a – Those eyes! That’s my son and that picture belongs in an ad or catalog. Your work is fantastic Andrea.

Ev Schneider - Number 53 Tyce gets my vote

Jayme Galanos - I vote for #28..too cute!

Gloria Nelson - We know the Piper family a long time. NOt only are they beautiful on the outside, but on the inside as well, including the grandparents. I vote them number 1 to win!

Nancy Watson - I would like to vote for # 55 She is so sweet…Love the background too

Bob Watson - Voting for # 55

Kathy - I have to say #51….I liked the cropping, it’s edgy, it makes her eyes such a focal point…There are all GREAT!!

Susie Reinhart - They are all beautiful but I must vote for my little Piper friends, 42.

Sharon School - Number 53 Great picture

Lee Ann Sharpton - Love #42 – One of my favorite families and yes, a perfect picture, especially little Mary!

Nancy - I vote for #53 – Tyce – very cute!

brooke - #11…great pictures!

Derrick - #9. great photo!

Annika - I have to say #28!

Katie Piper - #42 for me, we loved that picture too Andrea, it is over our fireplace.

Pam Barnhart - My favorite is #55 Olivia. What a cutie she is.

Lois - They are all so very beautiful with Love & Laughter, they show us how important it is to Live Life! I’m partial to the beauty in the fall colors! It’s hard, but I vote for #28.

Cherie - 42. Great colors and adorable family!!!!

maggie Dutton - Absolutely beautiful – of such beautiful children. # 42 is THE WINNER!! (It’s the BEST, even though they are all my niece’s! If you could see what a great Mom she is, you’d know why they all have these happy faces!)

Maureen - #28 Great Fall colors for the background.

Tiffany - I love them all, but if I have to choose 1, I choose #57–that smile is so contagious!

Erin Edlhuber - My vote is for Betty! #43 =)

Jackie - I’d like to vote for Lily #30. Beautiful

Tara - #11 Sophia!

Linda Kamps - Love the happiness portrayed in #6, the “C family”. Awesome shot. Awesome family!

Jennifer - My vote is for #28 . . . beautiful family, beautiful pic!

becca - 11

Robin - #10 please! How cute is that tutu tip-over? : )

Scoffey - Andrea…you’re soooo talented and capture such excitement; my vote is definitely for #53 Tyce

Dcoffey - I can hear the drums-a-drumming…..my drum roll is for #53…Tyce!

Ryan - Number 53!!

Samantha Edwards - #53 NO QUESTION!

JoAnn Czisz - My vote is for #53- “GO TYCE”

joan piper - I love 42. Those children take my breath away. Beautiful family.
Love your Great Aunt

ANDREA - We vote for #42 – beautiful picture!

Katy - #33…ADORABLE!

Kay Pavlik - Number 53

Kim - #11 Sophia (beautiful)

Leean - #9, the blue is striking and I’m a softie for babies! There’s too many good ones – tough decision!

Janell Pabelick - When I look at picture #6 it capturs the fun, happiness and love..It is pretty awesome

Haley H - #42 – what a beautiful family!!!!

Kathy B - Pic 6 is our vote — adorable!

Valerie Larson - #60 gets my vote!

Charity - #59 Love our little peanut in yellow with such a big smile.

Conni Rowe - Andrea, they are all wonderful shots! My vote is for #28. The gorgeous Fall colors are echoed in the exhuberance of this mother and son.

Becky - #59 – super cute!

Michelle - My vote is for the adorable little girl in picture #59!!

Gwen - Love #43! So cute!

Julaine Janssen - #59 is the winner!

Tasha - #59 get’s my vote. She is such a cutie. All of them are beautiful though!!

Ashley - #59-darling!

Sue Gattenby - I vote for Abby #59!

Emily McAuly - #28. You can see and feel the love little man has for his momma!

Patty - I vote for #59 – what a cutie!

Maggie Wright - #17, Hailey, that is so sweet. They are all great!

Christine Zimmerman - LOVE #28

Katie - I vote for #28 – Gorgeous family… Gorgeous Fall colors!!!!

Amy Mooney - My vote is for #59, how adorable!

Kendra - #11

Shawn Prebil - Gotta go with #28!

Jen Nale - #59- Miss Abbey gets my vote!

Jeff Dyer - #11, please!

Vicki Arnold - Photo #28

Christy Nee - Loved the Piper’s kids picture…yes it is the cutest kids picture ever. #42

Mike W - I liked 27

Jill G - My vote is for #59. Too cute!

Lena MacWilliams - #11!!!!

VK Ziegler - A hug for mom in the beautiful colors of autumn! Every mom would treasure this! #28

Kay R - # 28 The joys of parenting and the joys of nature folded into a beautiful portrait

Amy - #27. Beautiful!

Erin Borisch - I vote for #11…what a cutie!

Jean J. - Andrea – love all of the photos, such great work and impossible to choose a favorite one! I especially love your family shots, everyone always looks like they’re having the time of their lives, especially the kids. None of those ridgid shots some photographers have, shows off your talent working with people. But back to my vote, I always seem to return to Grace #15, she just steals your heart! Thanks for sharing all these wonderful families! Jean

Angie - Your work is a gift….
I vote for #2, because I can feel the love you captured in the photo!

Justin Duffy - I like #28, love the fall colors.

Barb - I love #42 – what a beautiful picture of a beautiful family!

Rachael Mccutchin - Vote for #28!!

Whitney - #43!

Mandy - My vote is 42. I LOVE the colors and their expressions are priceless!

Rachel - #42- those smiles truly reflect the happiness of their Mom and Dad!

Erin - Of course my vote is for #9. I love how you captured his bright blue eyes!

Elizabeth - #9! Love the bright blue eyes!!

Krisy - #9 is my vote! What amazing Blue Eyes!

Jeremy - Those Big Blue Eyes are fantastic – #9.

Rebecca - #6…what cuties!

Sharon - I vote for #9 – my precious grandson Owen – you captured his beautiful blue eyes!

Carol A. Dyer - #11 is my vote.She is my granddaughter and I think she is such a beautiful child and she is so inquisitive about life, which this picture demonstrates even though I only get to see her back!

Beth - # 9 His blue eyes just twinkle – adorable!

Nicole - #9 look at those beautiful eyes! Amazing picture!

Jamie - #9 – Owen is adorable. Look at those blue eyes!!

Jim - I’ll vote for #11

Jason - I vote for #9

A-WOW - #11 is just so darn priceless

Mairin - I love my “little man” and big sis so I proudly vote for #28! However all of the pictures are absolutely gorgeous! You are an amazing photographer.

Marilyn - #9 Owen Is the cutest of all! He takes my vote.

Harvey Piper - #42 the moct beautiful children I have ever seen. I should know I’m there Great,Great Grandfather.

Aaron Johnson - They are all really nice but i like #11.

Amy - I LOVE #11…so sweet =)

Ann - I vote for #9

Amanda - #11-love it! All the pics are beautiful but love the comparison of the little Sophia and the big merry go round!

Anna - Sophia– 11!

Brittany - #9 he is such a cutie!

mandie - 11!

Megan - Number 11 is adorable.. please vote!!

Michael - My vote goes to #11!! Sofia has the cutest hair!

Joanna Stolz - I vote for #11 – love that pic, she is adorable!

Lisa S - So many choices. I could pick many more, but I am going with #22 Ava. Love the colors and I think she reminds me of my daughter when she was little.

Kristin - #9. How adorable :)

Jill - #6 love them :)

Ryan Witalison - voting for 28

Bob - #28!!

Marisa Walton - It’s a tough pick – but I’ve decided on #11. Who doesn’t love a girl in a tutu?!?!

Scout - Number 11 is super adorable! Great colours, too.

Carrie - # 59 gets my vote!!! Sooo full of life!!!! Cutie patootie!!!

Toni - #53

Wendy Cantwell - I LOVE 28!!!!!

Kelly Crandall - Wow! How to pick just one?? Of course I would like to pick Carmen in #8 simply because she is my daughter (and how can you resist those baby blues), but then you have yet another one of my daughters, Mariah, in #35. So, of course, I cannot choose one of my children over another. And I could choose Joey in #26 since he is “related” too, but that still feels like a betrayal. So, I am going to have to go with a stranger…I almost chose #54 Marisa & Adam since that one made me laugh out loud, but I am going with #27 because I love candid shots & the arty-ness of this one just pops…Final Answer ;)

Christof - 11! and a shout out to JD!

Emily Fjelstad - Great photos!! My vote is for #11. (She’s such a cutie Amanda!)

Ben Dover - 11!

Linda - I’m voting for #11

grandma Susie - Proud Grandma votes for #53

grandpa coffey - The “best of all” is #53 TYCE

Jonathon - #17. Hailey is a cutie. That’s my girl.

Monica - Of course #17 gets my vote! Have you ever seen a more beautiful granddaughter in your entire life! Add to that that I was present when you took these amazing pictures! You are an amazing photographer Andrea…an artist!

Ana - Hailey!!! She is the most adorable thing!! :)

Kaaren - #59 !

Lucile Lapin - It has to be Hailey #17 She is adorable

Pat - #17 Hailey….looks just like her Grandpa Steve!

Stephanie kenney - Number #30. Lily

Mary Jo Chmielewski - #17 This picture of Hailey is beautiful!

Jenni Piper - #42! #42! What a great shot of great kids!!

Danny Piper - #42! Great colors and light! (and greater kids)

Marsha Ladwein - Beautiful pictures! I vote for Hailey #17

Erin - My vote is for #17 – Little Miss Hailey :) XOXO

Cathy - I vote for #9 What a cutie!

Maureen Redmer - #17 Hailey, of course – were there other pictures???
“Great Aunt” Maureen

Kara - I vote for #11, gotta love that little girl!

jcw62301 - #17….

Joan - Count my vote for #17. What wonderful pictures!

laura - #17 :)

Lisa Denn - #28

Deanna - Love #11–Deanna

Linda - These photos are amazing!!! I have to go for #11, you can just imagine the expression on her face!

Christine - Your style of photography is beautiful and unique. My vote goes for #11. The colors and background are fantastic. I can just imagine the curious anticipation on Sophia’s face.

Bob - #18 He’ll be a “swinger” all of his life. Great smile from all three.

Lauren - I love #17, she is too cute:)

Marie Canale - The Piper’s are precious. #42

Kimberly - #11 – Sophia and the carousel

Renee - 17 is the cutest!!!

Janice - #3 Austin…what a darling!!!

Maury Mussa - #11 Sophia Even from the back she is adorable.

Connie - #9 is so adorable!

Barb - I vote for Owen #9

John Mulvey - #11 Sophia I wonder what she is thinking.

Allen Wrubbel - #11 Sophia is my favorite

Matt - Voting for #9

Matt - #11 Sophia They are all great but this is the best.

Robert - #11 Sophia is the best of a great bunch. Great photography.

Rita - #59 What a genuine innocent laugh. Reminds us to experience, enjoy and treasure life, needed in such troubled times. All great photos though.

Marta - Wow! These are great. Simply very hard to choose. My vote goes to #11 Sophia as the best of the bunch.

Douglas - As an amatuer photographer these are fantastic. Love #11 Sophia.

Pappa - I vote for #59. That’s LIFE!! Live, Laugh, Love!! We need to learn to enjoy the moment. This shows and you captured it. Great job.

rachel - #9… love Owen’s eyes!!!

Deb Fleming - #17 Hailey…She is just a cutie…no matter how you look at it…

Dan Dutton - Gotta vote for #42. Great kids.

Erin Karrels - #17 – Baby Hailey!! It was such a wonderful experience…we are so greatful that Andrea captured one of her first few days in this world!! :D (She’s not so tiny anymore!)

Cynthia - I vote for the darling #9, Owen. Mr. Blue eyes!

Dani Edelburg - #11! who doesn’t like a merry go round and cute little curls?

Rose Daskam - #9-All the way for the baby in blue. His eyes tell the story!

Derrick - The cutist one is Sophia #11 in my mond. They are all great but Sophia is best.

BEV - I vote for #9 Owen. How can you resist those blue eyes and those 2 little teeth. What a doll!

Anthony - I like them all but my favorite is #11 Sophia. To be young again and be mesmerized by a carousel.

Heidi - I love number 11! So adorable! But they’re all great pictures!

Bethany - #49 of course!! you take awesome pictures Andrea… i need to come back to WIsconsin for some more…!!!!!

Jessica - #11 Sophia!

Marlys - #17==so peaceful and precious.

Julie Miller - #9 What beautiful eyes!

Greg - Number 17 is a cutie!

Katie Goluba - #17 Miss Hailey – such a precious picture, quite the little cutie!

Michelle gruensten - Love number 53! How cute!

Shan Leatherman - #9 – Owen , Too adorable and what beautiful baby blues. (Of course all your shots are amazing and you should be commended for the amazing shots you made. Good work.

Nicole Mittenzwei - #28-The colors are stunning and you can feel the love between the mother and son.

Katy - Welllllllllllllllllll. Tyce. My goodness, you bring me such joy in your photos. #53, the picture of you drumming, is so perfect. I love you, little Tyce.

Rachel - #11 Sophia- entranced by the marry-go-round

Kiara - I vote for #11! Such a cutie!

Sarah - #9 is ADORABLE!!!!

Carrie - #9 ADORABLE :)

Deidre - My vote is for #9! Gotta love Baby Owen <3

Kristin - #11!

Erin Haubert - Olivia Weed #55!!!

Alice - #17 – Hailey. All the photos of Hailey are adorable.

Stacie Paradowski - I would def. have to say that it is a HUGE toss up between #30 and #53. Wow, tough choice

Joel - #17. Go Hailey!

Sara - Mine is definaly going to my lil man Owen! Love him. #9
Love his aunt!! :)

Andrew Meier - My vote is for #28…a great photo!

Ken Vanden Heuvel - Number 53 !!!!!!!!!!

Emily - #9: OWEN! SOOOO adorable!

Kevin Daskam - #9 is my vote. What a Happy Boy!

Dona Stegeman - I vote for #9….he is absolutely adorable

Mandy Johnsen - I vote for number 9!

Diane - number 9

Steve - #17 Hailey, my Grandaughter.

All fantastic pictures.

Deb M - I vote for number 9!

Rose - I vote for Owen number 9!

Mercy - I vote for Owen #9!

Melisa Paul - #17 my friends beautiful baby!
The pictures are wonderful- I love the colors!

Kathy - I vote for Owen, #9

Andi - I vote for Owen #9 – love those blue eyes!

Kate - I vote for Owen #9. So cute!

Tammy - #9 – Owen is super cute!

Gina - I vote for Owen #9.

Llisa - I vote for Owen at Entry #9! Love the BLUE, BLUE eyes!

rhonda - I vote for Owen #9 (Those Eyes!)

Pam - #9 – Owen gets my vote. That smile and big blue eyes!

Mary S - #9 is my pick. Those blue eyes get me every time!

Joseph - Without a doubt #11 is the best.

Magda - We’re talking beautiful pictures here. #11 is the neatest.If you could also see her face she would win hands down.

Luke - Wow! #11 Sophia is my pick. They really are all good.

Marc - Oh Boy. hard to choose. I pick #11 Sophia.

Pamela Cowan - #9 Owen and those big blue eyes!! Love it!

Diane T - #9 Love Owen’s blue eyes and great smile!

Renee - #11 Sophia

Sarah - #11 Sophia, she’s so adorable, love the her curls.

Jessica - My vote is for #11 Sophia!

Laurie - #17 sweet Hailey. All are absolutely amazing! Toni is gorgeous.

Danni - #11 please! I think sophia is so adorable and who doesn’t like the merry go-round!

Catherine - #28 Mommma K and C-man! precious.

Anna - I vote for #9. What a cutie!!

Courtney - I vote number 11. :)

Bobbi R Buchko - #9 gets my vote:)

Kim - Number 53 gets my vote

JENN - #9 Love Owen’s beautiful eyes and his two front teeth are sooo cute!

Amy Villarreal - #55…adorable :)

Roxy - #11 Sophia

Christina Symons - Love all the photos – beautiful families
My vote is for Mr Blue Eyes #9 Owen

Claire Odorico - #11

Courtney Odorico - #11

Anthony Lindsey - #11

Max Schmidt - Vote for 11!!!

Super Huebsch kind!!

Hannah - number 11 is my favorite!!!!!! yayayayay!!!!

nummer elf ist meine lieblingsmaedchen! sie ist echt huebsch!

Angela W - I vote for Owen #9 – love his blue eyes!

Carrie Mullen - Love #9! Those blue eyes are awesome.

Sherry - I vote for Owen #9 – adorable baby!

Angela W - I vote for Baby Owen #9 – beautiful blue eyes!

Teresa - Baby Owen #9 is my favorite!

Joann - Owen Number 9!

Donna - My favorite is Owen #9 – great blue eyes!

Rick - Owen #9 – very cute baby!

Melodie - All great pictures. My fav is Owen #9

Nick - Owen #9

Helen Williams - #28 please

Orrin Bond - my vote is for number#28 great pic.

Ryan - #11

Lindsay - #11 is my vote. Sophia is so adorable (:

Andrew - Number 11!!!

Melissa Thao - tyce #53

jess - #11!!

Lily - I LOVE #53

Guiness - best bud: #53

Chris - #9 is the best…great big blue eyes

sarah - I love love love Owen #9

jenny - #9 is adorable.

cathy - #9!!

Gabby - BEST pic is #53

Tracy - I vote #9 Owen. He has the sweetest baby face and I love how you captured his blue eyes.

Robin - Good morning! What beautiful pictures! I LOVE the one of sophia # 11

Kari Hummel - #11 is my favorite, Sophia is adorable!!!

Jason - 11. That photo makes me feel like a kid again!

Mary Lou Behring - Number 9 is my vote for Owen. What a lady killer . Those eyes are one of a kind. He is so sweet!

Cheryl - Those eyes….#9 has my heart (and vote)

Brandee - #9 – Owen is adorable – what a great shot of his smile and baby blues!

Tina - I vote for number 9!!!! He is SOOO adorable!!! :)

Lyle - I vote #9!

melanie - I have to vote for #9- I am a sucker for a little boy with big beautifl blue eyes!!! Great pictures!

mel - i vote for tyce #53 he is soooooo cute

Becky - #9 Love the eyes!

Travis - #11.

Jill - #11

Diane Brandt - i vote for Owen – #9 – what an adorable baby picture. He shows such joy, happiness, and innocence! The colors are beautiful too. A great baby picture!

Sam Ortman - #11 please! So pretty

harry - #11

Alfonso - #11 please!

Ginger Bond - I vote for #28. She has my heart. I love her and her family. Way to go, for the K family.

Lea Ritter - #11 is the best one!

Mike - #59, of course!!!

Sharon - #30 Lily, our precious first granddaughter!

Kristin - 11

sandra Hansen - #11 Sophia! Fantastic picutures. I loved them all, makes me want to get my family and kids photographed!

Janice - #11 is my favorite.

sherry - #53

La Puma Family - #53 – Go Tyce!

Chris Cichocki - #11- all the way

Erin - I vote for #9. SO cute!

Yvonne - #9 – Owen!

Kat - #11! I love merry go rounds!

Nick - #9 gets my vote! This pic is the best!

Doug - 9!!!!

Santrell - #9 please!

Matt - #9 is the best!

Jackie - #9 is adorable!!! Love the eyes!!!

Erin - #9 Owen!

Yvonne - I vote for #9.

Shirley - I vote for Owen – #9!

Courtney - I heart #9

Carol - #9 – love the baby blues!!

Bob - I vote for Owen #9

Utah - You captured the best in #53

Michele - #53 And the beat goes on!

Robin Seavert - #11 has my vote!

Zach Menehan - #9 The brightest blue eyes and happiest little boy smile..very cute picture

donna - He’s got the beat!! voting for # 53

MarySue - #53 Winner….without a doubt; the best of the best!

Andy Piper - #42 for me, please.

Noah P. - Gotta go for the family pic – 42.

Aidan P. - Going with #42

David - All are great; but I like the child cross in 42 best.

Jeni Donovan - #42, Love my nieces and nephews!

Megan - Love #42!

Amber W. - I love our Caden #57, but to be fair, my favorite picture is Amelia #56. It’s such a beautiful natural picture. Her eyes and the wind blowing in hair is the icing on the cake. I adore it. Great work Andrea and Amelia.

Katy - #11 cute!

Emma - #11

katie - #9…Owen!!

Tracy - #9 depicts the true meaning of baby blues! He is absolutely adorable.

Nikki - I’ll vote for #11. Thats too cute.

Brett - Tyce #53

Aaron - I pick 53

Suzanne Withrow - #17 best picture, so cute.

Cathy Larson - #47, my favorite family and a great shot!

Laura S. - Love all of these, but #11 is adorable!

Ann Hoffmeister - 47 and 60!

Joshua - I say #11. It’s a very well balanced photo.

Kim - I vote for #11

polly westmont - I vote for 27!

Liz - #11 is adorable

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