I can’t believe that a year of sessions has come to an end with this family! I have been photographing Tammy, Adam and Austen since Austen was just a little bean in his mama’s belly. I’ve had the privilege of watching him grow from a sweet sleep newborn into a curious and joyful little guy. Each session has been fun, relaxed and I’ve captured so many wonderful and impromptu moments with this family. Please, Please, Please you guys….invite me back for future milestones with your family <3 It’s truly been a joy and pleasure seeing your family grow! <3 <3


Bride & Groom: Evan & Jessica

Wedding Day: January 14, 2017

Ceremony: Fulton Church; Fulton, WI

Reception: The Armory; Janesville, WI

It’s not often that I have a wedding in January in Wisconsin. It’s cold, its brutal and it can be downright brown, grey and gross. But for some reason, Evan & Jessica ended up with the perfect Wisconsin winter day for a wedding. High clouds, sun, no wind and balmy January temps made for the perfect January day for a wedding in Janesville, WI. It even made our outdoor portrait time pretty darn bearable…well at least for those of us not in strapless dresses 🙂 From beginning to end, their day was an absolute BLAST. The ceremony, though short and sweet, was endearing and even had a few laughs to lighten the mood. Evan & Jessica introduced me to 1848 in Edgerton – an amazing bar with an awesome assortment of beverages and a very cool atmosphere. The food at the wedding was AMAZING. It had a grilled cheese appetizer station you guys! The speeches were absolutely hilarious and heartfelt. And the dancing….OH THE DANCING!!! As is the case with every Edgerton wedding, the dance floor was AMAZING (even at 4pm in the afternoon – did I mention it was a BRUNCH wedding?!). Made me oh so excited to dust off my wedding shoes and get back into action in 2017!!!!

Congratulations Evan & Jessica!!! Wishing you both many adventures in life and loads of LOVE!!!


Bride & Groom: Krysten & Cody

Date: October 8, 2016

Venue: Milford Hills Hunt Club

So, normally I blog weddings within 3 weeks of the wedding actually happening. Well, here I am, 3 months behind on my last 4 weddings of the season and I FEEL TERRIBLE! I took on another business venture during my busiest time of the year and some tasks fell to the wayside….like blogging. And then I got sick and it was the holidays and the kids got sick and here we are in January. I am finally catching up. First, my huge apologies to Krysten & Cody for not putting this up sooner. But, what’s the expression? Better late than never, so here goes.

This wedding. It’s sometimes hard to put my thoughts about a given wedding into words…hence while I use images. But Krysten & Cody’s wedding was different. It was heartfelt, down to the core. It was raw happiness and love at its finest. It’s hard not to get fully immersed in their story and their day. Now don’t get me wrong – ALL weddings have love and happiness and it’s easy to ‘see’ it. But with Krysten and Cody, you just felt it deep down. Watching their love throughout the day was like when you meet someone for the first time, but feel like you have known them forever. It was alot like that.

Amazing vows. Beautiful weather and light. A Magical Sunset and a truly freaking awesome dance floor. I got simply lost in their day and found myself truly appreciating what it is I get to do every Saturday. Witness love at it’s finest and tell the story <3 Thank you both for having me as part of your day. I won’t forget it. 


Amanda & Jessica

Wedding Date: 09/16/2017

Session Locations: Wisconsin State Capitol, Madison & Surrounding Area

I never write on Blog Posts…moslyt because I have so much to say and end up rambling….but I resolved to write more about each of my wonderful couples this year because it’s a large part of ‘what you get’ when you choose me as a photographer – my viewpoint. The way I look at the world and see love. So here goes….

Amanda & Jessica – these two are seriously meant to be. They have such a natural ease together and are truly excited to spend their life together and share their love. It’s easy to see and so comfortable to be around them. I felt right at home from the moment I met these two ladies at our consultation this past fall and the same was true at their engagement session. It was just like spending time with old friends. I loved every second of it and can’t wait to spend their wedding day with them.

It may have been cold, snowy and a bit dreary outside, but Amanda & Jessica (and I) settled in immediately and had an awesome time hanging out at Wisconsin’s State Capitol, taking some photos and chatting about love and the world. Pretty much a perfect December day in Madison. (Of course, I made my way to Marigold Kitchen afterwards and had the most delightful kid-free lunch. A little bit of heaven right here in Wisconsin).